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Aug 03
The Working Earth Woman’s Month Campaign - Part One

Name and Surname :   Niteske Marshall

Job title, Company  :   Managing Director, Network Recruitment

Qualifcations: BA Honours, Industrial Psychology

1. What does Woman's Day mean to

A day to appreciate and recognize all the amazing women in our lives. Seeing beyond the surface of their appearance and reflecting on their strengths, struggles and sacrifices.

2. What are your thoughts on women in the work place?

I value diversity in the workplace. Men and women bring different ways of thinking and doing into the workplace and these differences working together lead to better business results.

3. How do you manage to balance your work life with your family/social life?
It can be challenging at times, but I love the fact that to some extent, i can experience the best of both worlds, being a business woman and a wife and a mother.  If i had to live without either one, I wouldn't be complete. I think the digital era makes it a bit easier in that you can connect to work anywhere, anytime.

4. What is your favourite quote, by whom and why?

There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. ~ Nelson Mandela

5. What advice do you have for young women in the work place?

Find a mentor, having a role model and seeing how they do "life" can make all the difference. Have the right attitude towards failure, how you learn from and "reset" after a failure and take feedback, can determine your future success. Dream big and believe in yourself!

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