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What is RPO?
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) offering is a form of outsourcing where discerning clients choose to contract with a third party to provide the management of all or part of its total talent need.
Our Solution
Our RPO service can be structured to suit your unique needs, with The Working Earth creating a vendor model that provides a community of niched recruitment suppliers, with our team as the single point of contact for all hiring managers.
These services are fully scalable and we can manage your programs in a single location or across regions.

Reasons to consider a single Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution 
 Recruitment frustrations:
  • Frustration in dealing with a multitude of Recruitment Vendors (opportunity for rationalisation of suppliers)
  • Large scale recruitment/project recruitment volumes
  • Frustration in terms of service delivery from other recruitment vendors
  • Need for internal HR staff to focus on initiatives other than recruitment
  • Need for improved speed of delivery in terms of recruitment needs (time-to-fill)
  • Need for improved branding and improved quality of candidate experience
  • Desire for a vendor-on-site arrangement to manage recruitment operations

Why use The Working Earth as your RPO provider?

With many years combined experience, The Working Earth and ADvTECH Resourcing’s various brands have extensive talent networks available in the sourcing of top calibre specialist talent. We will draw on many of our sources to achieve a suitable match between your company and future candidates. A concerted effort is also made to focus on the placement of EE candidates, wherever possible. 

The sources include but are not limited to the following:

  • Our database comprises of +2 million candidates across 22 branches.
  • Strong brand names with years of experience behind them attract top calibre professional talent.
  • 5 specialist businesses – +200 specialist consultants focussed on talent acquisition 
  • Recruitment advertising in local and international job-boards, enjoys a high rate of success and ensures that ideal candidates are identified from the open market.
  • Partnerships and alliances with both government and private organisations to source disabled candidates. 

Contact us today, to learn more about this product offering and how we can craft a meaningful recruitment programme for your organisation.