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The Working Earth | What Makes Us Different?

​​​​​​​​We're an Acc​​​​​​redited Advertising Agency:  

TWE is an award winning, accredited Advertising Agency.

We design recruitment ads and content to showcase your brand and attract the best talent - and understand​​ which media is most effective. We also offer better than normal advertising rates and are willing to discuss rebates on pegged advertising revenue levels.​​​

  Our eRecruitment and Vendor Management Solution (Agency Portal):

  • Helps you to manage both internal recruitment and external agencies:

    • CV responses received from external agencies can be categorised and ‘date and time’ stamped before being presented. This prevents fee disputes that arise when there are issues around which agency sent a CV first.​

  • Offers an intuitive database:

    • Our database is both a repository for available, applicable, matched candidates and an intuitive database that is a source of candidates for future positions.​  

  • ​Workflow that works for you:

    • ​We design an electronic decision and approval process that is tailor-made for your business.

We have excellent support mechanisms:

Our team of trained professionals handle and solve all candidate and client qu​eries, including:

  • Our Training Centre:
    • ​​​​​​Ensures that JONTI is properly inducted into your company and that all staff are competently trained. In addition, a trainer is available to you for 2 hours - cost free - every month.

  • Our Technical and Development Team:
    • We have a strong in-house Technical and Development team available to develop and support JONTI to suit your needs and have mature IT policies in place that focus on risk mitigation and system security.
    • JONTI has been tested, and is trusted, by our clients from industries as diverse – and secure – as banking and finance, gaming and education.
    • Our internal team is ably supported by the IT Department of our holding company, ADvTECH Resourcing.​

  • Our Call Centre:
    • Fields queries from both candidates and clients and provides product support as part of a seamless total service offering.