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Graduate recruitment

​Our staff are our greatest asset! What do we do to ensure that we remain true to this, where does it start? It all starts by employing the right graduate talent at the outset, the right candidates who believe in the brand, who possess the right skills and qualifications, who fit into the company culture and who have the vaulting ambition to succeed. Getting the recruitment right ensures that you have invested in an asset who will add value to your organisation and its future growth. The challenge remains that this is a candidate market, so how does one attract the top talent to your organisation? 

The Working Earth’s solution

The Working Earth has specialised in Graduate recruitment for over a decade. Our graduate recruitment team together with our recruitment technology and targeted advertising methods, provide a solution that will ensure that we deliver top calibre graduates to you.

TWE’s graduate recruitment team are extensively trained on how to screen and identify top talent that would thrive in your company’s culture.

  • Our media department designs various types of advertising for the various platforms to attract graduates – from digital and social media platforms to select graduate portals, universities and print media.

  • Graduate job applications are directed into TWE’s JonTI e-recruitment system which databases, screens and shortlists suitable graduates.

  • The TWE team will put together a quality shortlist of graduate candidates that have been assessed, interviewed and vetted all before they are sent to you, the client for interviews. 

  • TWE has relationships with various universities and will arrange all meetings for clients who prefer to do University visits.

  •  TWE graduate campaigns result in a conversion rate of over 80%.

The graduates you employ today will be the future of your organisation. Human capital can be your greatest differentiator that set you apart from your competitors. 

Your cost of hire and time to hire will both be reduced significantly thereby increasing your ROI. Call us today to partner with you in finding you the top graduates from top universities.