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E-Recruitment: JonTI Lite

What is JonTI Lite?

JonTI Lite is a superior product that provides you with a cost effective talent solution. This innovative recruitment tool is an automated system that helps you attract talent- allowing you to build and manage your own talent database.

Are you experiencing any of the following issues with your current recruitment process?

  • Unsolicited CV’s
  • Difficulty in managing the huge amount of job ad responses
  • Spending on manual labour force which is costly 
  • Excessive recruitment costs
  • Scarcity of quality candidates

If so, The Working Earth has a solution for you - JonTI Lite. We understand that it is crucial to build and manage a quality database that benefits your company. L​osing critical skills can have a huge impact on your business and it is often difficult to replace these skills. It is therefore vital to have quick access to quality candidates that you can recruit. 

The Benefits of JonTI Lite:
  • It is a cost effective talent management system - no placement fees, only a service fee
  • It is an automated talent database – all candidate CV’s are captured directly into your JonTI Lite database.
  • You are able to build a quality talent pool by passive means
  • All responses from various advertising platforms are directed into your database
  • Wider advertising reach – not limited to one Platform and therefore attracts a wider pool of talent
  • Free advertising on partner sites - increasing vacancy exposure
  • Access to fresh, available candidates
  • Scheduling options available allow you to post your job vacancies automatically and plan in advance
  • Multiple search criteria options are available for effective database search
  • Free product training to ensure effective use of the product and increased ROI
  • Call centre support to guide candidates through the application process
  • Templatised branded CV’s to efficiently match and search the talent pool
  • Vacancies are linked to website and social media and include social sharing options
  • Supports hypermedia which includes videos, sounds and HTML on the vacancy thereby engaging different audiences.
  • Access to a professional MCC accredited advertising agency
  • Easy to install with no infrastructure cost
  • Quick setup within 2 – 3 days of approval
  • Mobile friendly therefore engaging different generations of candidates and enabling quick application
  • It is a cloud based system and accessible anywhere

JoNTi Lite, is developed on a user friendly Microsoft platform and is hosted by The Working Earth. 

Want to learn more about JonTI Lite? 

You can contact us or request a demo of the product here.