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Hiring the right candidate isn't always easy. It's a challenge to juggle multiple recruitment agencies, job portals, social media platforms and in-house recruitment databases, all while dealing with a barrage unsolicited CV's, the high costs of advertising, rising recruitment costs and paperwork.

And, even after you've successfully navigated these challenges, it's still possible to make a hiring mistake.  

JONTI, The Working Earth's e-recruitment solution, was created in South Africa in response to the need for automated response handling and online competency assessment screening.

JONTI is a highly customisable, efficient and inexpensive applicant tracking system.

Drawing on modern technology and industry knowledge, JONTI offers easy-to-use
e-recruitment pre-screening and recruitment database management in a single e-recruitment platform. And, while JONTI can be 'plug and play', it's also possible to customize it to suit your business requirements.

E-recruitment made easy!

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