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​TWE is an award-winning, MCC-accredited advertising agency, with over 30 years of experience in media advertising, encompassing print, digital and outdoor.
Let the experts do it right for you.  ​

We believe that your company’s brand is vital to attracting the right calib​re candidate – people whom you would want to employ. Current global trends support this view, with many employers​ focused on improving employment branding as a means of attracting the right skills.

Through the years we have niched in Recruitment and Tender advertising; and have been very successful in the education, public and private sectors. 

Research shows that recruitment/tender advertising is a big factor in attracting quality passive candidates.  
There are many issues to consider when creating a recruitment/tender advert and there is a science to doing it right in order to achieve the most impact. 
Media selection, placement, layout, design and content all determine the quality of candidate response you can expect to receive.

Print Advertising:  Using TWE for your print advertising gives you all of the benefits of our professional in-house service, including use of a qualified Designer/ Copywriter to design ads that complement your brand and attract the right candidates.

TWE provides high quality advertising advice that includes ad placement and administration (copywriting, setting, proofing, bookings and collection of tear-sheets is all done on your behalf), all at no extra cost to you.​

​Digital Advertising:  Digital advertising is often more cost effective than print advertising and - unlike print - allows you to monitor, track and optimise your response.  TWE manages advertising on different social media and digital platforms on your behalf and directs response to the platform of your choice, enabling you to deal with one supplier, rather than manage contracts with different suppliers.