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What is RPO?
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) offering is a form of business process outsourcing where an employer contracts a third party to manage of all (or part) of its total talent acquisition process.

Our Solution
Our RPO service can be structured to suit your unique needs. The Working Earth providing an end-to-end solution to manage the entire recruitment and selection process. Our solution encompasses 'recruiter-on-demand' and gives our clients access to the skills of 240 specialist recruiters. These services are fully scalable and we can manage your programs in a single location or across regions.

Why Consider an RPO Solution? 
If you’re dealing with any of the following recruitment issues, an RPO solution may be your answer… 
  • Are you frustrated in dealing with a multitude of Recruitment Vendors? An RPO solution would allow you to rationalize your recruitment suppliers. 
  • Do you have large scale recruitment/project recruitment needs? 
  • Do you receive inconsistent service delivery from your recruitment vendors? 
  • Do you need your internal HR staff to focus on initiatives other than recruitment? 
  • Are you looking to improve the turnaround times on sourcing, hiring and onboarding of new talent (‘time-to-fill’ vacancies)? 
  • Are you looking to improve your employment branding and the quality of your candidate experience? 
  • Would you explore a vendor-on-site arrangement to manage recruitment operations?

Why The Working Earth?

The Working Earth and ADvTECH Resourcing have many years of experience in providing RPO solutions and are, as a result, able to offer a fully scalable, replicable quality solutions.
Our Brands have built extensive talent networks that allow us to source top calibre specialist talent quickly to achieve a suitable match between your company and potential candidates. As far as possible, we make an effort to focus on the placement of Employment Equity candidates. 
The Working Earth’s RPO solutions work because:
  • We own 9 specialist recruitment businesses, employing nearly 240 specialist Consultants focused on talent acquisition. All of these businesses have strong brand recognition. 
  • Our internal candidate databases comprise +2.2 million candidates across regions.
  • We have access to specialist recruitment advertising on local and international job boards and platforms, which allows us to identify the best candidates on the open market.
  • Our partnerships/ alliances with government and private organisations assist us in sourcing disabled candidates, when needed. 
  • Our team has gained extensive large project management experience as a valued partner to many brand-name South African companies.
Our RPO model is unique in that recruitment is always in the hands of a Specialist, ensuring that you are always presented with the best candidate and not just the best available candidate.

MSP 6.png

Managed Service Provider

An MSP is when the sourcing, engagement and administration of temporary/contract resources and tasks is managed by an external provider.

This service gives clients the option to allow TWE to take full responsibility for managing the organisations non-permanent or temporary workforce. We understand that you require a partner who can deliver the skills your business requires. MSP not only gives clients greater transparency in terms of cost but also ensures more control of your recruitment activities. In situations where clients are dealing with high volumes of different professional skills this service is especially valuable.

How MSP Works

There are many reasons why companies choose to engage a Managed Service Provider but most of them come down to cost savings and compliance. We help organisations to upgrade and progress in the way they acquire their contingent staff that they need to run their business by bringing together talent from multiple sources, identifying, screening and then presenting the best people from across the marketplace. Saving you time, money and hassle, whilst increasing the quality of your non-permanent hires.

It includes benefits like: 
- Single contact - reducing complexity and administrative burdens
- Efficient processing – quick turn around on sourcing and on-boarding of the right temporary skills for your business
- Market environment and compliance 
- Risk Mitigation - Control processes to reduce the risks associated with devolved purchasing practices and hiring
- Competitive advantage – streamline operation and match business cycles offering a competitive advantage